Smithtown Seafood is a farm-to-table restaurant located in the Bread Box on West Sixth Street. We make everything on the menu from scratch, and whenever possible, with locally raised ingredients.

Our menu is both familiar and creative, emphasizing local foods and old-fashioned Kentucky recipes in dishes such as Beer Cheese with West Sixth Smithtown Porter and wild-caught fried catfish, flavor-packed burgers, salads and ethnic seafood dishes such as fish tacos and Tilapia Singapore, vegetarian specialties and much more.

Order at Smithtown’s counter and we’ll prepare your food to go, or find a seat in neighboring West Sixth Brewing’s beer garden and our staff will deliver your order to you. In our display case, guests will see fresh wild-caught catfish from the St. Johns River in Florida, fresh head-on Canaveral white shrimp and royal red shrimp, fresh oysters and other fresh fish that is sustainably raised or responsibly farmed from U.S. and Kentucky sources.

Our Midway Bakery provides our breads, including a gluten-free sandwich bread, delicious cookies, brownies, lemon bars and more, also made with lots of local products! We also serve burgers on wonderful brioche buns from Dutch's Bake Shop in Lexington.

Smithtown Seafood is one of the links in FoodChain, our urban farm neighbor next door. Nearly every dollar spent at Smithtown will in part benefit FoodChain’s mission of educating our citizens and our children about sustainable agriculture, food production and smart food choices. We can step outside our back door and into the farm for our superfood salad greens, herbs and tilapia.

Another part of our mission is to make sure all our friends and neighbors have access to delicious, reasonably priced healthy food.

Welcome to Smithtown Seafood!

— Ouita Michel, owner